14 Ways to Tighten Your Tummy

14 Ways to Tighten Your Tummy

by Coach Debbie


We at Momsanity value strong over skinny.  We are made in the image of God, who has allowed our bodies to carry life!  What an honor and a privilege, right?


Our worth is not correlated to our waistline. 


That said, we as moms want to have a strong core and we want to feel comfortable in our skin.  It’s important to care for our able bodies and prioritize optimal health.


Here are 14 ways to tighten your tummy:


  1. Reduce stress (as stress stores fat, specifically in the midsection)
  2. Increase sleep (for hormonal reset while burning calories and craving reduction)
  3. Consume probiotics (good gut health is crucial as this is our “second brain”)
  4. Limit alcohol, fizzy drinks, and even chewing gum (as these can lead to stomach bloat)
  5. Monitor sodium intake (water retention can lead to puffiness)
  6. Stay hydrated with water and BCAAs to flush out toxins (and to prevent dehydration which gives the illusion of being hungry)
  7. Reduce intake of food allergens (dairy, eggs, nuts, fish, wheat, and soy can lead to inflammation and gut upset and weight-loss resistance)
  8. Eat wholesome, natural foods to stay properly nourished which benefit your body and keep your energy level (unlike sugar-filled junk foods)
  9. Eat mindfully to avoid overeating (take small, slow bites and chew well)
  10. Stand often (and remember the power of your posture)
  11. Stay active and walk throughout each day (which will burn calories and flatten your belly without causing cravings or exhaustion, all while lowering your stress)
  12. Run sprints once a week (which will burn belly fat quickly due to their intensity)
  13. Enjoy 3 Momsanity Sisterhood workouts each week to carve out your core (we cannot “spot train” by just doing “ab exercises” as the body requires full body strength training so enjoy our 10-20 minute muscle-building workout videos) (if you suffer from diastasis recti -- abdominal separation --- from pregnancy, seek treatment first)
  14. Stay consistent and patient – these are the hardest, yet most crucial parts


Embrace those curves, hot stuff, and be sure to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family!


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