BCAAs and Hunger

BCAAs and Hunger

by Coach Debbie


I love food.  I love eating.  I’ll admit I’ve been in the middle of eating lunch while envisioning dinner.  So let me just say before I step onto my soap box that it is crucial that you eat enough food throughout the day.  Starving is not an option.  It doesn’t help you lose weight or feel thin.  It destroys your body in about 18 ways.


That said, some of us (ahem, Debbie included), so easily slip into the habit of OVEREATING.  “Was I even hungry or did the clock dictate my meal?”  “Was that a craving that could’ve been ignored?”  “I just need a little snack or twelve.”


I want you to meet my friend Leucine.  Leucine is one of the essential amino acids that our body needs, but is likely lacking.  We could all use a little leucine in our day!


Quick plug:  we at Momsanity designed the best BCAA supplement. It's all-natural, delicious, and simple - just mix a scoop with water and enjoy!  Oh, and BCAA means Branched-Chain Amino Acid.  BCAA’s contain leucine (that’s our topic today), isoleucine, and valine. 


Back to leucine.  Leucine is used by the brain as an indicator of the levels of the total amino acids in our bloodstream.  When you have enough total amino acids in your blood, your brain decides, “Hey, I’m well-fed,” and your hunger is reduced and you decide to not eat a 3-foot sub sandwich.


Leucine reduces your hunger.  When you’re less hungry, you eat less and fat loss occurs (those BCAA’s are a power trifecta).  You feel SATISFIED, not STARVING.  Remember, satisfied = good, starving = bad.


And here's why I use and recommend BCAA for women (and you will too)! In those moments of “I am bored and should eat some snacks,” mix up some Branched-Chain Amino Acids and control the hunger so you don’t overeat.  And you can use BCAA when fasting too!

One of the ways that BCAA’s blunt hunger is by balancing your blood sugar.  Our brain gets energized, our cortisol levels lower and we realize food is not needed at that particular moment. 


Isn’t leucine a great friend?  It loves hanging out with isoleucine and valine.  Here’s a super speedy rundown of our 3 best friends:



·         Helps promote lean muscle mass

·         Assists fat loss

·         Suppresses hunger



·          Promotes fat-burning



·         Promotes muscle endurance

·         Energizes

·         Assists mental sharpness


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