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Crave: Breaking The Cycle Of Defeat

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Have you ever felt like your faith journey and your health journey were completely separate?  If you’re like me, you try really hard to keep those “hidden” sin struggles from others, and even God.  I did a really good job of keeping my walk with Jesus and my relationship with food and fitness at an arm’s length for over a decade.  However, in the end what was required of me was surrender to Jesus alone. Isn’t that just how it works?
Years ago, Coach Debbie and I read the book Made To Crave by Lysa Terkheurst with our Momsanity Sisters.  To say it made an impact is an understatement!  Lysa dives into scripture while also walking straight through the hard and sticky places that many of us have with our relationship with food and fitness.
The truth is this looks lots of different ways.
I have either experienced myself or witnessed:
  1. Overindulging in food while quickly pointing the finger at those who struggle with other sins
  2. Overly restricting the healthy food that God made for us
  3. Stressing so much about our food choices or exercise routine that we have little time for anything else
  4. Constantly beating our heads against the wall because we “should” be getting better results
  5. Feeling unworthy because we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin
  6. Using food to cope with feelings, stress, etc.
  7. Overly focusing on external appearance while sacrificing issues of the heart
Let’s be honest, this list could be pages long.  We struggle with food. Period.
As Lysa’s book captivated me and helped me gain new insights about how God desires us to view our health, eating, and fitness, one Truth really stuck out to me.  It’s applicable in EVERY area of life really.
Open your Bible to Deuteronomy Chapter 2.  Remember how the Israelites marched in circles around the desert for FORTY years because of their disobedience and unwillingness to truly follow God and his commandments?  They just kept messing up over and over again and trying harder in their own strength to do things their own way. 
And finally, God basically calls them out.  “You have circled this mountain long enough, now turn North”. 
That’s powerful.  Where in your life are you walking in circles and repeating the same patterns of defeat hoping for better outcomes, but not making the changes necessary? 
Where do you need to surrender your cycle of defeat?  Where is North?
Remember, this was unchartered territory for the Israelites, but they knew that God was with them.
Where do you need to trust Him and know that He will sustain you as you pursue His best?
Whether this is about being real about your food choices or taking a step out of your comfort zone that you KNOW it’s time to take, this is for you.
It’s time to turn North.  It’s time to try something new.  It’s time to listen and stop telling ourselves we’ll figure it out or a better time is coming or that maybe next time it will work.  And the only way to really turn?  Surrender and trust.
It’s time.  Let’s turn!

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