Fitness Myth:  Short Workouts Don't Work

Fitness Myth: Short Workouts Don't Work

by Coach Debbie


Most people think that the longer you workout, the more effective the workout.   We tell ourselves more equals better.  More minutes each day, more minutes each week.  Surely that will fast-forward results and deliver a dream body, right?




The truth is, if you want results from exercise, work harder and give it your all, but go for LESS time!



In our Momsanity Sisterhood workouts, THIS is our primary focus: short yet effective workouts!  Our workouts result in an accelerated metabolic afterburn, which means you’ll be burning fat around the clock!  For real!


We kick your metabolism into gear (using both dumbbells and body weight) so that your body is in the fat-burning zone long after your workout ends!


Our 10-20 minute Sisterhood workouts have 4 goals:

  1. Get too out of breath to talk in complete sentences
  2. Get your muscles to feel like they’re on fire
  3. Get challenging weights in your hands
  4. Get sweaty


And the cool thing is, we create rest-based workout videos, which means you push really hard until you need a break.  When you need a break, you rest as long as you want.  Then you resume the workout with intense effort, and rest again.  It puts YOU in control of the workout!


We don’t need to exercise for hours on end.  In just 10-20 minutes, you can boost fat through the release of testosterone and growth hormone and rapidly build lean muscle!  THIS is how to create a sculpted, fit body!


Want to join Momsanity: The Sisterhood


Our fast and effective workouts burn fat, build muscle and energize too.  In 20 minutes or less, you'll be breathless and burning.


Led by coaches Debbie and Emily, our workouts are expertly designed for rapid results AND real-life entertainment.


In addition to 3 new full-length workout videos per month, your membership includes:

- Access to our entire collection of over 75 on-demand workout videos!

- A weekly workout schedule including up to 4 workouts!

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Everything busy moms need to be fit and energized happens right HERE!

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