Hidden Sugars (and Healthy Swaps)

Hidden Sugars (and Healthy Swaps)

by Coach Debbie




You may not know it, but there are a LOT of foods that contain hidden sugars!  Sugar is quite sneaky and does not benefit our health.  We already know the obvious sugar-loaded foods like candy, ice cream, cake, cookies, and soda.  But what about those everyday items that seem so healthy?


We’ve made a list so that you can be an informed consumer (you can get that list below)! 


We at Momsanity want to make sure our products never cause a sugar spike!  So we sweeten our products with stevia (a plant), monk fruit (also called lo han guo) (a fruit), and erythritol (which occurs naturally in a variety of fruits and vegetables).   Because we use zero calorie sweeteners, we can proudly say our products have 0-5 grams of carbohydrates per serving (which is nearly nothing)!


There are plenty of healthy swaps with less sugar, so check your food labels!  You want "no added sugar" whenever possible (NOT "sugar free") and you want a list of natural ingredients that you can pronounce!


  1. Pasta sauces (look for reduced sugar options with natural ingredients)
  2. Condiments: Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Teriyaki sauce, etc (look for reduced sugar options with natural ingredients)
  3. Granola Bars & energy bars (look for dairy-free protein bars instead)
  4. Yogurt and milks (look for unsweetened, dairy-free options)
  5. Cereal & Instant Oatmeal (look for the big bags of plain oats)
  6. Packaged fruits & dried fruits (look for no added sugar options and/or fresh fruits)
  7. Honey and agave (check out Nature's Hollow or ChocZero swaps)
  8. Nut butters (look for the ingredients to have no sugar)
  9. Breads and crackers (swap out for lettuce wraps, pork rinds, nuts, etc)
  10. Processed meats (look for natural ingredients and/or fresh or frozen meats)
  11. Canned vegetables (look at the ingredients and consider fresh or frozen vegetables)
  12. Salad dressing (most brands contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients, so look for brands that are natural and low sugar like Tessamae and Primal)
  13. Premade soups (look at the label and ingredients and/or make your own)
  14. Baked beans (look at the label and ingredients and/or make your own)
  15. Drinks (carbonated, sports, coffee, tea, juice, alcohol) (drink BCAA's, brew your own coffee at home, squeeze your juice from fresh fruit, drink unsweetened tea and sweeten yourself, and limit alcohol)


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