Kids, Don't Screw This Up

Kids, Don't Screw This Up

by Coach Debbie


I've been a mom since 2004 and I'm never going to be asked to write a parenting manual.  I screw up royally just about every day.  I do things I swore I'd never do. 


The TV has babysat my kids so I could nap.  I have yelled countless times.  I once told my sons they were bad kids after a family photo session.  I have tossed French fries from the front of a minivan to hungry kids that I just couldn't possible cook for.  I have threatened consequences only to later be too lazy to follow through.  I have had many a phone call from school about my children's foolish choices.




I do know this.  Jesus is everything!  Eternity is a big freaking deal.  And I will not "play" Christian.  I will not minimize the Savior in my home.


Tell me you're nodding your head in agreement.  Gosh, I hope you are.


So listen.  Your kids go to school 5 days a week.  And while it's super important that your kiddos make decent-ish grades and don't get a call from the principal, there is something far more important at stake.


I want you to give your kids a CHARGE this school year.  And we're not talking about completing homework or eating vegetables at lunch.



I want you to give your kids the CHARGE to witness for Christ at school.  Here's what 1 Timothy 4:12 says:


"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young,

but set an example for the believers

in speech,

in conduct,

in love,

in faith,

and in purity."


Now go read it again.


Now go grab your kid(s).


This is their challenge for the school year.


1.  Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young.  You are important to God and His Word speaks specifically about valuing children.  Do not wait to impact the Kingdom.  The time is now.


2.  Set an example.  You are a role model.  People are watching you and you have a reputation.  Accept this responsibility.  How can you live like Jesus today?


3.  Set an example in speech.  You are in control of your tongue, so use it to bless, to edify, to uplift, to encourage, to pray.  Ask God to help you bring Him the glory He is due.  What can you say to others at school that will reflect Jesus?


4.  Set an example in conduct.  You are known by your actions, which is powerful.  In order to mirror Christ to others, you will need to put others before you.  Serve.  Hold the door, pick up the dropped crayon, offer to clean.  Being selfless is not easy, but it is right.


5.  Set an example in love.  God is both love AND loving.  He knows your heart.  Ask the Lord to help you to love others.  To sit with the new kid at school.  To hug the classmate who just wiped a tear away in secret.  To pay for the lunch of a first grader who doesn't have money today.  Great is your reward.


6.  Set an example in faith.  You may be the only one who ever shares about Jesus in someone's life.  Not every family goes to church, owns a Bible, or has heard about the Savior.  Bring your Bible to the cafeteria.  Ask the kid next to you if he wants to meet you Sunday at church.  At recess, tell your friends about the free gift of eternal salvation.  Be bold and unashamed.


7. Set an example in purity.  Temptation is real, and it's brutal to resist.  But you can do hard things because God will help you.  Remember, you are not your own; you were bought at a price (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).  It's so worth it to stay pure and make wholesome choices.  Don't contaminate God's perfect plan.  Honor Him and honor your future spouse.


May this school year be the BEST yet!




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