PMS Pacified: How to Get Symptom Relief

PMS Pacified: How to Get Symptom Relief

by Coach Debbie


Every month we as women go through that ultra fun cycle of hormones, bloating, cravings, mood swings, and fatigue.  It's such a blast, right?!  


The bad news is, we have to deal with PMS every month for about 40 years.  Sigh.  The good news, though, is there is TASTY RELIEF to help pacify PMS!


The answer?  CHOCOLATE.


Seriously.  But not the sugary kind that has gross chemicals that actually WORSEN our premenstrual awfulness.  We don't need headaches, irritability, and tighter pants.


Both Crave cocoa and Dutch Chocolate Mom Fuel protein powder have all-natural cocoa powder.  And cocoa is actually magical.


Cocoa contains zinc and magnesium, which our bodies may be lacking; therefore we can soothe period pains by mixing up a hot chocolate or chocolate smoothie (especially with the magnesium).


With PMS comes cravings, right?  Well cravings start in our HEAD.  The week or two before our cycle starts, our serotonin levels drop.  Serotonin is a hormone that regulates mood, sleep, and eating behaviors.  So when we enjoy Crave and/or Dutch Chocolate, we literally balance our brain chemicals!  When our brain is balanced, we regulate our mood, sleep, and eating behaviors!


But wait, there's moreDon't I sound like an infomercial?!


Cocoa is actually a natural antidepressant!  It releases serotonin (see above), dopamine, and endorphins.  These "happy" hormones make us feel euphoric as they light up the pleasure center of our brains (like cocaine does, except this is healthy and legal).  Endorphins are released when we fall in love, so of course we have the desire to recreate that feeling -- which is why women love chocolate!  It literally makes us feel happy!


Get the best of both worlds with our Chocolate Bundle!  Stock up on tasty PMS relief with our Crave cocoa + Dutch Chocolate Mom Fuel bundle!  You'll save big and be prepared every month to fight those symptoms!


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