It's Complicated

It's Complicated

It’s Complicated   

Have you noticed how complicated we make things? As women, we can take the simplest task and create a HUGE project that we end up never finishing.

I think that sometimes this is a result of fear.

We employ a tactic often referred to as “analysis paralysis”. We take in SO much information that we can’t even process it. We try to create a plan, but the information gets the best of us so we get stuck in our confusion or on our imperfection and then we just don’t do anything!

This can happen in all areas of our lives and especially with our 4 Momsanity pillars: motherhood, faith, fitness and nutrition.


Motherhood: Your sweet toddler has turned into a Threenager. You start reading blogs and books and podcasts. You consider several different parenting tactics to deal with the tantrums. One expert seems to contradict the next. You’re so confused that you don’t even know where to start that you just keep losing your patience in frustration with the behavior.

Faith: The closer we grow to Jesus, the more of a burden we feel for the fallen world we live in. There is so much need, so much lostness, so much pain and suffering. We read our Bibles, go to church, and pray. But the great commission tells us to “go and make disciples”. We think this means we must go on a mission trip or at the very least the homeless shelter. We desire to do something for God, but we get overwhelmed. We forget the simplicity of our mission- to take the gospel wherever we go and that it doesn’t always require words!

Fitness: Which workout should I do? Do weights make women bulky? Is running and more cardio best for me? I’ll workout when I can fit this fitness class into my schedule. I’ll workout in the summer, fall, winter, spring… It goes on. Maybe I’ll buy a road bike?

Nutrition: The biggie. Truly. There is SO much information out there about nutrition and we cherry pick bits and pieces of so many different programs and protocols that we are literally paralyzed at the grocery store. One expert’s “magic food” is the next expert’s enemy. We read and read and read and make recipes books and maybe even purchase a few healthier options. We might “try” for a few days or weeks, but the results aren’t fast enough so we decide that program isn’t for us.

We analyze and we’re paralyzed. We are so fearful of actually DOING something and making ourselves uncomfortable or challenged that we actually trick ourselves into thinking that somehow our convictions and planning is actually moving us toward our goals when we’re actually sitting in the same place.

So how in the world do we overcome this growing information age problem?

We take a step. We do something. We choose one principal and apply it. We invite that friend who is struggling to church. We pick up our dumbbells and exercise for 10 minutes. We meal prep 3 dinners for the week.

We don’t have to be perfect to get results and to be fruitful! We don’t have to have it all figured out. Here’s the coolest part. I feel that God cares very much about these small details. Our freedom in Christ creates freedom in all areas of our lives.   When we live in a place of rest that comes only from Him, we don’t need to spend so much time avoiding failure. We can trust that He knows exactly what we need and with prayer, study and taking steps with Him, that He will grow and deliver us- even in the details!

I encourage you to take a step today. To commit to something that makes you uncomfortable without reinventing the wheel. Talk to God about it. He hears you!

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